Sep 12, 2013


Yes, it's the first post! The layout of this blog is still unfinished, but this may do for now.

Today I left Oulu behind me for the next five months. I don't feel sad yet - though last Saturday I had hard time when I realized I won't be getting my favourite jogurt as a breakfast anymore.
On Friday my friends threw a farewell party for me. It was a big surprise, I didn't see it coming at all (but I wondered why my boyfriend Miku was so concerned with his clothes when he left to "party with his friends" before me). Hanhan had just moved to a new apartment (she flew from home, sob) with her sister so I thought there would be a housewarming party, but no, I walked to a room full of my friends. Even the decorations were Japanese themed. It's nice to have friends. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU.

Almost two weeks before, I met Akane, an exhange student from Nagoya Zokei University where I'm now going. She does ceramics and told me a lot about the school. I'd like to try ceramics if I have the chance! A Japanese work shop group also visited our section in Oulu University of Applied Sciences and I got to see their work whop result and attend their farewell party where they cooked for some of the Finnish teachers and students. The food was awesome, I can't wait to get to taste more in Japan! I also heard them speaking Japanese and realized I can understand a little what they're talking about. All my Japanese studies didn't go to waste! I hope I can learn how to communicate in Japanese as well at some point. I still don't know nearly enough words or kanjis to survive normally!

I'll fly to Nagoya Chubu tomorrow with the Japanese work shop group. I'll meet them at the Helsinki airport. Now I'm in a train going to stay overnight at my friend's place in Oulunkylä, Helsinki.

My luggage is so full and heavy (as well as dirty, huh, it used to be so bright and clean). It better not to explode in the plane or something.

My stuff.

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