Jan 12, 2014

And there was wine all over the computer!

SO as some(no)one might have noticed, there has been no updates. That was because I broke my laptop, had to drag it to Apple Store where they had to order new keyboard all the way from Sweden. It took time :D

I have no idea what to write about after this long but let's start with random ATMOSPHERE photos. Later I guess I'll do themed posts.


A building.

Buildings in Japan are interesting. As I've been to Boston and New York I can see the influence or the USA. It is hard to explain, really, I have no majors in architecture. In Europe one does not need to build old looking houses because there already are a lot, but here people have kind of randomly chosen style and era, build a thing and put it next to another random building. For me it doesn't make much sense, but it sure is interesting. Japan has it's unique style. Aside of the weird, random USA type of influence, I really like the face of Japanese cities. The big city centers with skyscrapers and stuff are the same as everywhere else, but around the smaller local train stations things get interesting.  The electric lines are not underground but above, and I noticed how the majority of the houses are really small as I was surprised of the lack of big apartment buildings. Everything can be explained with earthquakes. Also as there as been no snow during the whole winter, people here don't need to worry about snow weighting the electric lines down. The thing I like most, however, is the way how there is plants growing in surprising places. I think I'll have a post just about this later.


Kind guide-san.




Yeah, next time, there will be a nice lithe post about buildings, a trip I have made or about FOOD.