Sep 15, 2013

First days in Japan!


Now I've been in Japan for two days! Everything is so surreal. It was really fast and easy to get the foreign residence card in Nagoya Chubu so I was relieved. The flight took over nine hours and I slept only 20 mins. The plane was really cool, you could play games and watch movies from the screen in front of you so I didn't get bored. I watched Iron Man 3 in Japanese and two documentaries. When we arrived it was already morning in Japan.

So at the airport I met Saori, a staff member of Nagoya University. She took me by train and subway to Kasugai where my room is on the second floor of a student apartment building. The rent is not bad at all and they even had a coffee machine ready! A little bit later she took me shopping. I got a card for trains, subways and busses and we went to Sakae where we met the other three exchange students. Joey is from Hong Kong and her room is right above mine. Then we have Tobi and Thuy from Germany who live in the student apartment next to us. I really need to go to Sakae again. Japan is full of cute clothe, book and jewelry shops (all the shops are somehow cute). Also there is a lot of light pink colour. That evening we, the new exchange students went to Joey's room and made some rice. Then I went to sleep. I've never fallen asleep so quickly.

Next day, which is today, Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design had an OPEN CAMPUS. It's like abipäivät in Finland, people can come and see what they do in school. We had a tour around different classes and we met with some of the teachers. We also met Taichi, funny and helpful guy who showed us around the campus and took us to a coffee where we ate pancakes and salmiakki.
It's impossible to tell everything we did and what I saw, but here's some pictures! I forgot my camera to my room (;_;) so these are taken with phone!

These are from the Ceramic course. Everything was so good!

Then we went to eat lunch. You can buy one from the school and it costs around 400 yens. You have to insert your coins to this... machine and it will spit out your lunch ticket. Then you go to the kitchen ladies with the ticket and order the food. I took some chicken and stuff I still don't know what it was.


First real meal in Japan! Chicken, miso soup, cold green, rice tea aaaaand.... stuff. It was delicious!

Tobi, Taichi, Joey and Thuy!

This evening Tobi, Joey and me went to SoftBank to get prepaid phones but they were just closing. We all have bikes provided by NZU, what a nice surprise!

Tomorrow is a Japanese holiday so we have no school. Tonight there is also supposed to be a typhoon but so far outside is only been a little bit rainy and so very HOT.


  1. OMG those food ticket machines. Cool.
    The food looks so much more eatable and better than in Coventry... :D

  2. ÄÄÄÄÄ food looks too goooooood.... The machine seems a bit scary, like push the wrong button and it will begin self-destruction.

    1. Or turn into a robot. The funny thing is I don't remember what button I pushed.

  3. Ruoka näyttää tosi herkulta. Mun blogi muutes löytyy osoitteessa jos haluat kurkata.

    1. Sitä se juuri on! Nam nam! Ainoa kauhistus, johon olen törmänny oli nattoo.

  4. Löysin yhen toisenki suomalaisen blogin, joka on atm Japanissa vaihossa jos kinostaa kattoa Se pistää vaan hulluna kuvia, mutta on siellä tekstiäki välissä 8)

    Ja hei tiäkkö meillä tulee keramiikkakurssi ja meänki koulussa on 3D-printteri, ettei ois sinne saakka tarvinu lähteä, oisit tullu vaan LAHTEEEEEN